Saturday, January 26, 2013

A poll that will make little difference #olpldr

"Ontario Liberals: No poll bounce for Grits after leadership campaign." This one shows Pupatello and Wynne and Kennedy in the same ballpark percentages, give or take a few more for Kennedy given his profile, going into tomorrow's voting. No gaps that would give any one of them a noticeable advantage. So, not helping.

Besides, it really shouldn't be polling that Liberals look to for this choice. Longer term considerations like personal qualities, vision and policy are likely to and should rank as more important factors in the choice.

Also noted in the report, this quote from Kathleen Wynne addressing the extra scrutiny that has been applied to her in recent days as the crunch vote comes:
“If we have a woman premier, if we have an openly gay premier, there will be a big conversation about that. But the most important conversation … will be about whether this person … has the capacity … to govern the province and to lead the party.”