Monday, January 21, 2013

Citizen Obama

That is the ending of Obama's second inauguration speech as delivered today. He was striking a unifying, non-partisan theme with those words, speaking of "you and I, as citizens." Using citizens to make a broad appeal suggesting an in-it-together theme. He speaks of the oath that he took being to country, not party or faction. The speech was laced with repeated references to "we the people," more of his effort to cut through the partisan blockage in Washington. Nicely done.

The rest of the speech is here. It was excellent in content, in addition to the emphasis above, in its ringing appeal to equality of opportunity and in concrete terms what that means: equal pay; meaningful voting rights that aren't hindered by long lines; and, ensuring "gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law" (h/t to Hillary). He will "respond to the threat of climate change." And so on.

Great moment today where he took a moment to savour the crowd on the Mall. Mad respect for the people!

From this northern neighbour, very jealous but very glad to see these themes being broadcast on the world stage.