Saturday, April 30, 2005

What the nation needs now is a little more Captain Canada

Some welcome talk from a freshly caped Captain Martin on national unity...! Do I sense a leadership moment here?

Growth cited for NDP

More evidence that the New Democrats are gaining in support. This recent poll suggests people are giving them a hard look as their second choice now, whereas the Conservatives thought they stood to pick up a majority of voters who wouldn't vote Liberal this time. If the Conservatives are bent on having an election now, this might turn out to be one of the most inept miscalculations of recent memory. And if Jack keeps on "keeping on," this will be a very interesting election indeed!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Monday, April 25, 2005

Admiration for Gilles Duceppe?

I have noticed in the past few days a willingness to commend Gilles Duceppe on his political performance on Thursday night. (I won't link to anybody, you can see it for yourself if you do a search on Technorati by plugging in "Gilles Duceppe.") Somehow I just can't bring myself to marvel at his grace or how well he did. When a shark is circling its prey in the water, do you consider how well it is swimming or say to yourself, "Gee, I wish the shark was on my team." The only virtue in praising his acumen is in reminding us about the danger he poses to national unity. Every political step he takes is with one goal in mind: how can he best advance the cause of Quebec secession. My point is, simply, let's not lose sight of the separatist agenda as we consider unfolding events.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

New Ambassador: Payback for South Carolina 2000?

CTV is reporting that David Wilkins, the Speaker of the House in the South Carolina legislature and a House representative for Greenville is likely to be the new ambassador to Canada, here. Hmmmm...why would Dubya want to elevate a politician from South Carolina, who I'm guessing knows little about Canada, to such a position? Could it be that he had something to do with these allegations?

Recall that John McCain was on a roll coming out of his win of the New Hampshire primary with South Carolina then becoming a crucial test for his candidacy. If McCain had won South Carolina, arguably he'd have become a stronger challenge to Bush in the Republican nomination battle and Dubya just might have been defeated. Instead, South Carolina became the site of a big Bush win that had the effect of resurrecting his nomination - from that point on, Bush was unstoppable. But for South Carolina, and the trash campaign that the Bushies ran against McCain, it is possible that Bush would not have won the nomination. See the interesting angle suggested here for the following quote: "The McCain campaign called for a full investigation of the closure of some voting precincts in the Greenville, South Carolina area. They maintain the state GOP had said they would have the precincts open for today's vote."

And now, a man described here as the "most powerful man in the House" for the past 10 years, from Greenville, is considered for an ambassadorship to Canada. Interesting to say the least.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Spotlight on Martin advisers

Interesting article in the Globe today about Martin's fortunes, here. The part that caught my eye focussed on Martin's advisers, what the author refers to as "the Board." It has frequently occurred to me, whenever I see a Tim Murphy or a Scott Reid in front of the cameras, to wonder just where are Martin's senior mandarins? Where are the grizzled veterans who have been there, fought the wars and won? Where is the wisdom to be found in this lot? Possibly too little too late to be bringing in new advisers at this stage but it is difficult to say that this crowd has served him well. If I were Martin, I would certainly be looking for some new advice.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Welcome to my blog...!

I have been contemplating a blog for a long time now and political events in Canada lately have caused me to jump in with the rest of you. I can't resist the idea of a forum in which I can vent and share my ideas. Hopefully I can meaningfully contribute to the blogosphere and some will enjoy my posts.

As the title suggests, I love all things political and will write about U.S. and Canadian politics, political figures, current events and maybe some fun stuff too.

I have voted for all of the major political parties in my lifetime but must say I am definitely on the "left" side of the spectrum as it pertains to U.S. politics. My favorite blogs right now, to give you an indication of my influences, are Daily Kos, AmericaBlog, Atrios, pogge, name a few. There are tons of others but I won't bore you with a list right now...

Bear with me as I climb the learning curve and get comfortable with the blog world! Any suggestions are welcomed. Hope it will be an enjoyable experience for all!