Saturday, August 20, 2005

Karl's candidates

We all know that picks the major candidates for U.S. elections, Governorships, Senate races, etc. But Karl calling Bill Weld, the former Massachusetts Governor in to run in N.Y. is just plain weird and pesky.

See what's going on here? The Republicans are not letting the major Democratic candidates with White House potential get free rides in what could have been "cakewalk" type races. Instead of letting Hillary Clinton and Eliot Spitzer run low cost "cruises" to electoral victory, the Republicans are putting up challengers that have little chance of winning yet will do whatever damage they can to reputations and bank accounts.

I'm not suggesting that parties should not be striving to make political races as competitive as possible. What I am in awe about is the power this White House has to get high profile candidates to take on such challenges. Wonder what's in it for them, as promised by Karl Rove?