Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Best photo out of the Convention Center nightmare

In case you can't read the caption: "Tanisha Blevin, 5, holds the hand of fellow Hurricane victim Nita LaGarde, 105, as they are evacuated from the New Orleans Convention Center on Saturday. The two are among thousands of residents who have waited days to leave the beleaguered city." (click on photo for larger view)

A great picture sent to me by disco, with the keen eye...who wrote: "i think this is an amazing picture and too bad it's not like this all the
time. these two, a century spanning them, - one at the beginning of her
life, and the other at the end of her life - have found some common ground
and are giving comfort to each other. when i see things like this, i forget
about the politics and the politicians, and remember that it's the people
who count and people who make the difference..." Yeah, that pretty much sums it up...