Sunday, September 11, 2005

"Blame game" lights a fire under Landrieu

Landrieu puts her finger on exactly the right issue in the politics of "blame gaming," here:
Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., said officials at all levels eventually would share blame for an inadequate response, but she cited only the administration for the finger-pointing that followed the killer storm.

"While the president is saying that he wants to work together as a team, I think the White House operatives have a full court press on to blame state and local officials whether they're Republicans or Democrats. It's very unfortunate," she told CBS'"Face the Nation."

She said Washington was obligated to support local and state officials, "particularly in times of tragedy and stress, not to pile on them, not to make their suffering worse."
Landrieu is shining a bright light on the White House's modus operandi, its typically ruthless political tactics where they decry the "blame game" in public, yet in private mobilize surrogates with talking points that attack and blame. We saw this earlier this week when Bob Williams, a Republican hack based in Washington state, was apparently dispensed to the editorial pages of the WSJ to explicitly put the blame on Governor Blanco.

This continues to be a problem for the White House - its backroom operations are being spotlighted in the media coverage and it looks petty. The big guy attacking the little guys, plain and simple, at a time of disaster in and the gulf region.