Thursday, September 15, 2005

Blanco: the buck stops here

Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco follows Bush in taking responsibility for her state's role in the response to , here :
"At the state level, we must take a careful look at what went wrong and make sure it never happens again," Blanco said. "The buck stops here, and as your governor, I take full responsibility."
Her speech appears to have been well-received with a few standing ovations. The speech might help to put an end to the finger-pointing, at least emanating from the state level, while the rebuilding and recovery effort become the focus. She appears to have extended an olive branch:
But in her speech, Blanco praised Bush, saying "I want the people of Louisiana to know that we have a friend and partner in President George W. Bush."
Now, let's see if the White House operatives are able to restrain themselves.