Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bush crony to investigate

So Bush has decided to appoint his domestic security adviser, Frances Townsend, to lead an "internal' White House inquiry into the administration's performance...

This should be good. I'm sure she will thoroughly assess Bush's personal response in the days following the disaster and will have the authority to criticize at will...

Meanwhile, the Democrat leaders in the Congress are holding out for an independent inquiry into the failed government response to the hurricane. Well they should, that's what the polls suggest the American people strongly support and there is no good reason at this time for their capitulation to Bill Frist's anemic appeals for unity.

A sidebar in the NYT article and a must highlight, Kerry's quote that pretty much sums it up:
In a speech at Brown University, Mr. Kerry referred to the White House as the "Katrina administration." Asserting that the storm "stripped away any image of competence and exposed to all the true heart and nature of this administration," he said, "The truth is that for four and a half years, real life choices have been replaced by ideological agenda, substance replaced by spin, governance second place always to politics."