Friday, September 23, 2005

Bush: now a "hands on" Hurricane President

Who are you and what have you done with W?

This article, After Katrina's Lesson, Bush Is Heading to Texas, details Bush's, shall we say, overcompensation for previous very public shortcomings:
Mr. Bush planned a Texas stop to look at preparations before the forecast arrival of the hurricane early Saturday.

He then intends to fly to Colorado Springs, the White House said, to ride out the storm at the headquarters of the Northern Command.

Mr. Bush can monitor the hurricane from the Northern Command's operations center, where oversight of the military response to crises in the United States is managed.
It is at an airfield just across town from Cheyenne Mountain, where the military once monitored the Soviet Union for nuclear missile launching.
Bush is going to be in the Northern Command? Could someone please keep him away from anything important while he is there? Attending at the Northern Command - if that's not overkill, I wouldn't know it if it slapped me in the face...

Problem for Bush, as the article suggests, is that his actions to address raise the obvious question, i.e., why wasn't he doing this before for ? Oh, that's right, his political skin wasn't on the line...