Friday, September 30, 2005

Is it Libby who is Fitzgerald's prey, not Rove?

This is quite the development, Times Reporter Free From Jail; She Will Testify, not unexpected given at least one report from this past month indicating that lawyers were in discussions with prosecutors that might lead to her release.

While others have previously deduced that Lewis Libby, Cheney's chief of staff, was the source Miller sought to protect, this Times article provides further public confirmation of that fact. Murray Waas had reported on Miller's meeting with Libby on July 8, 2003, six days before Novak outed Valerie Wilson as a CIA operative. The NYTimes had not confirmed the Libby/Miller meeting until now.

Interestingly, the deal reached for her testimony appears to focus only upon information obtained from Libby:
As part of the agreement, Mr. Bennett gave Mr. Fitzgerald edited versions of notes taken by Ms. Miller about her conversations with Mr. Libby.

In statements on Thursday, Ms. Miller and executives of The Times did not identify the source who had urged Ms. Miller to testify. Bill Keller, executive editor, said Mr. Fitzgerald had assured Ms. Miller's lawyer that "he intended to limit his grand jury interrogation so that it would not implicate other sources of hers."

Ms. Miller's lawyers had sought such an assurance as a condition of her testimony.
(emphasis added)
There is no way to know who the other sources are that are being alluded to here. This deal does suggest that she was concerned enough to seek this condition and so she likely had other sources with whom she discussed this matter or issues close to it...does this deal therefore mean that could have been a source of Miller's yet is off the hook? If so, why? Is it possible that there is not enough evidence to pursue Rove?

And does it then mean that it is Libby, not Rove, who is likely to be Fitzgerald's ultimate target?

We just don't know what the content of the conversation between Miller and Libby was, so it is all speculation at this point.

The coming days should be quite interesting to watch as it certainly seems as though Miller is a final piece of Fitzgerald's puzzle.