Friday, September 16, 2005

Karl Rove in charge?

I agree with Josh Marshall and Arianna Huffington: Karl Rove's Big Easy that being placed in charge of the rebuilding efforts in the Gulf and , as reported in the New York Times yesterday (link is found in Huffington's post) is a scandal and is worthy of much more attention. So I second the motion that much more focus be devoted to this news:
And speaking of playing politics, I love how the news that Karl Rove has been placed in charge of the reconstruction effort was buried in the ninth paragraph of a twelve paragraph New York Times story on Bush’s big speech.

This assignment proves that despite the president’s lofty rhetoric about “building a better New Orleans”, his main concern is stanching his political bleeding. Let’s be honest, when it comes to large-scale efforts like this, Ol’ Turd Blossom isn’t exactly Gen. George Marshall, who, before devising the Marshall Plan, had, among other things, been responsible for deploying over eight million soldiers in WW II.

Rove’s genius (aside from a Mensa-level mastery of dirty trickery) is for using imagery, spin, and atmospherics to turn political liabilities into political opportunities.
George doesn't learn his lessons very well, does he? Appointed Brownie, a partisan hack to lead FEMA, that blows up - yet here he is again, letting his primary partisan operative lead the reconstruction effort...people really should be outraged and questioning how Rove can possibly be considered qualified to do this.