Monday, September 12, 2005

Operation Blame Democrats

A modification is required to my "Operation Blame" watch, given the information we learn in Living Too Much in the Bubble?
By late last week, Administration aides were describing a three-part comeback plan. The first: Spend freely, and worry about the tab and the consequences later. ...
The second tactic could be summed up as, Don't look back. The White House has sent delegates to meetings in Washington of outside Republican groups who have plans to blame the Democrats and state and local officials.
Glad to see that the "blame" strategy is out there for the world to see! Will have to keep our eyes peeled for evidence of the outside groups who are getting in on the act.

And this is the first I've heard about woes:
And as if the West Wing were suddenly snakebit, his franchise player, senior adviser and deputy chief of staff, Karl Rove, was on the disabled list for part of last week, working from home after being briefly hospitalized with painful kidney stones.
Your key adviser goes down and the whole White House strategy apparently falls apart. Goes to show how fragile the operation is when he's not around, Bush looks lost in the headlights and unsure of what to say. We can only imagine what might occur if Rove actually ends up indicted by U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

One other intriguing part of this article, where the issue of too many loyalists surrounding Bush and providing only positive information to him is discussed as a problem:
The result is a kind of echo chamber in which good news can prevail over bad--even when there is a surfeit of evidence to the contrary. For example, a source tells TIME that four days after Katrina struck, Bush himself briefed his father and former President Clinton in a way that left too rosy an impression of the progress made. "It bore no resemblance to what was actually happening," said someone familiar with the presentation.
Hmmm...So Bush briefed his father and Clinton on the situation, and one person who was "familiar with the presentation" said it bore no resemblance to what was happening...who could it be now...