Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Pirro climbs out from under her rock

I see Jeanine Pirro is back on the scene . Must be difficult to get people to hear you, what with all the wall-to-wall Clinton coverage...the "Clinton Global Initiative" press for Bill Clinton...CNN specials, appearances on Meet the Press, This Week and not to mention, own appearance at the CGI...

Way to wave that flag though, remind them you're still out there...and that "pledge" issue - well, it must be tough running in N.Y. against a highly competent and respected Senator. Looks like someone has some work to do on campaign issues. Just read Bill's brush-off to that one on Meet the Press:
"for figures that are large figures in their parties, who honestly don't know and can't know this early whether they're going to run _ we have no idea what facts will unfold _ I don't think they should make commitments. President Bush didn't make a commitment when he ran for re-election as governor of Texas and he was remarkably candid."
So there you have it, right out of W's own playbook...if it was good enough for W, why won't it be good enough for Hillary?