Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sure, these hearings were a great idea

More evidence that the GOP is off its game:Ex-FEMA Director Says He Issued Early Warnings - New York Times.

Brownie appears before Congress and points the finger of blame at Governor Blanco and the Mayor of for "infighting"...just what Americans want to see, I'm sure, this Bush political hack, with his suspect qualifications to run , pointing at state and local officials. That dog didn't hunt a few weeks ago, Brownie, why are you recycling it now?

All today's hearing served to do was to remind people of everything that's wrong with the GOP's current control of the government.

It reminded people that should never have been appointed to run FEMA. And it reminded them that he's still,obscenely, on FEMA's payroll as a consultant. And it provided more evidence, live on television, of why he was clearly not up to that job. On full display were his ill-suited temperament while on the hotseat, lack of integrity in his unwillingness to accept responsibility, undiplomatic and rather blunt demeanour...you name it, these are some of this viewer's perceptions of Brownie in action. And all of this reflects poorly, as it has from the start, on , who brought Brownie forth to wreak havoc in a position that should never have been treated as political patronage. And so people were once again reminded of the "crony" storyline that is circling Washington right now, spurred on by Krugman's "Find the Brownie" column.

And finally, the Brownie hearing further reminded people of the misdirected energies of the Congress. With all of the issues you would think they would need to be spending time on, like, say, coming up with funds to pay for reconstruction, the Congressional Republicans have jumped right in to start hearings on a disaster that is barely weeks old.

All in all, a grand old day for the GOP.