Sunday, September 25, 2005

W still looking for a bullhorn moment

But it ain't happening :
Texas officials appeared well prepared for Rita, despite problems that plagued the evacuation of the Houston area on Thursday, and federal emergency officials showed they, too, had learned the lessons of Katrina. ...

Paul C. Light, a government professor at New York University, noted the improved performance by FEMA and the readiness of state and local officials in the areas affected by Rita, but said that, because Rita appeared to be less devastating than Katrina, Bush might gain little no matter how effective the response.

"Without being at all insensitive to the damage, this is not the hurricane that would redeem George Bush's standing as a bold leader," he said. "From a political standpoint, I don't think that it helps him very much," he said.
But as McLellan points out, it's silly to think there was anything political going on here, right? According to Scott, was on the scene to do his fact finding on the issue of "...whether Congress should increase the federal role in responding to catastrophes. A decision has not been made, but aides said Bush is moving in that direction."

Are they really getting away with this spin on Bush's "haunting" of Texas and the Northern Command as hit? That he was really investigating a policy choice? He was seeking to fix his flailing image, plain as day to all who have been watching.

Isn't it obvious they should be increasing the federal role in responding to disasters? Katrina made that abundantly clear to most people...good to know Bush is "moving in that direction."