Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bush says Iraq/Al Qaeda, blah, blah, blah

There he goes again. No choice now but to conflate the Iraq war and Al Qaeda since he's created a brand spanking new terrorist training ground in Iraq. What a strategy that's been. As Ken Mehlman likes to remind us, Iraq sits on one of the largest oil repositories in the world. So thanks for putting the two together guys.

All is doing is reminding everyone that Iraq was a huge and questionable investment of money, time, military, people. That could have been better spent on a global, smart strategy to fight terrorists. He can't help but justify it any way he can now. But this is not World War II. Listen to this, it's ridiculous:
The battles in Iraq will one day rank alongside those at Omaha Beach and Guadalcanal as mileposts on the path to liberty, Mr. Bush said. “We know that the direction of history leads toward freedom.”
Earth to Bush. You're not FDR. Not even close. He is such a small, divisive figure without the support of his nation. He pales in comparison. And in elevating these terrorists to such stature, he's playing right into their hands. How Osama bin Laden must love the new Bush administration playbook.

I think what we have here is an escalating commitment to a losing course of action.