Sunday, August 20, 2006

Conservatives off the bandwagon

Well, let's see....big news today, high profile conservatives are jumping ship due to the Iraq disaster: Pundits Renounce The President. And of course, Tony Snow understands:
White House spokesman Tony Snow said the second-guessing was predictable, given the difficulties in Iraq. "It's hardly unusual in times of war that people get anxious, and that would include people who have supported the president," he said. "The president understands that and is not fazed by it."

Snow said much of the frustration articulated by conservatives stems from a desire to accomplish Bush's ambitions. "The good thing is they all have the same goal: They all want to win the war on terror," he said. "You don't have people quibbling over the goals; they're quibbling over the means -- or 'quibbling' is the wrong word. 'Debating.' "
I'm sure he includes Democrats in this lot since clearly Democrats want to win the war on terror as well, right? Of course he does.