Thursday, August 31, 2006

Keith Olbermann rocks

Keith absolutely hit it out of the park last night. If you weren't able to see his show, Countdown on MSNBC last night, here's the clip of a few very powerful moments. And here's the text for you medievalists out there. In fact, it was so powerful, I can hear the right-wing Republican noise machine whirring up, as I write, to try to take Keith down.

This was a special comment he had written in response to Donald Rumsfeld's labelling of administration critics as "Nazi appeasers" and "confused." Anything I could say would just not do it justice. Watch!

If you don't watch Olbermann these days, you are absolutely missing out. I intend to e-mail his show today to express my strong support for his statement. If you feel the same after watching the video, here's the e-mail: