Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More on the Armitage revelation

Jeralyn at TalkLeft puts it all in context:
Bottom line: Fitz has not closed his investigation. Armitage is just a distraction from the real inquiry. I'll repeat myself: The question remains of whether there was a concerted effort to use Valerie Plame Wilson's undercover or classified employment status with the CIA in an attempt to smear Joe Wilson and his public statements that Iraq was not attempting to acquire uranium from Niger, as Bush erroneously claimed in his 2003 State of the Union Address.
This is the "two-track" theory, as characterized by Isikoff. Yes, there was Armitage who disclosed her name to Novak and Woodward - although he didn't disclose her covert status. Novak got that fact from someone else. But there was also the White House effort that came from Libby and . Those two don't appear to have been in the know about Armitage's role in all this. Otherwise, wouldn't they have dumped it all in his and Colin Powell's lap quite early on?

So if it were as easy as Armitage being the sole, initial source from which everything flowed...then why did Fitzgerald pursue his investigation all these years? Why did he put Judy Miller in jail over her source, Libby? Because Fitzgerald believed there was an independent White House operation to smear Joe Wilson and it may have come from the top...

For all the spinning going on that the liberal blogosphere was misguided in following this story as it turned out to be the innocent albeit negligent Armitage who messed up, that's only half the story. If that.