Monday, August 21, 2006

Rove sticking with "cut and run"

Rove's rabble-rousing remarks from Saturday:
"If leading Democrats had their way, their policies would make our nation weaker and the enemies of our nation would be stronger,' Rove said Saturday at a fundraiser in Austin for the Associated Republicans of Texas, an old-line party group. 'That is a stark fact of modern life, and it is the issue on which the forthcoming election should center.'" (emphasis added)
How's that for you? Problem is, he and his boss are the ones who've weakened the U.S., principally through their misguided war of choice in Iraq. Iraq is like that "giant sucking sound" famously touted by Ross Perot back in the day. It's that giant open sore, festering and sucking money, human treasure and his nation's resources, away from a focussed, strategic effort to prevent terrorism internationally and at home.

And the larger problem is that he and his boss have been in power for six years, in control of all levers of government, and if the U.S. is still paranoid about terror and not feeling safe, it's their fault, not the Democrats, no matter how hard they try to frame this. Seriously, how scary can the Democratic party be compared to a world where the Iraq war wages, a shaky truce prevails between Israel and a terrorist group, Hezbollah, after another war egged on by the Bush administration, the constant threats of terrorism as they so conveniently whip out when in dire political straits...and and have been the principal architects of this mess. So I ask you, how scary are the Democrats compared to these guys?

It's amazing how empty Rove's tired old refrain sounds this time, aired once more on Saturday:
"If Democrats want to frame this year's election around who's stronger on national security, that will be a debate that we want, a debate we should have, and a debate that we Republicans will win," he said Saturday.

He said the Democrats' plan was "to cut and run."
Wouldn't you just love to see this guy get a kick in the pants? Just this once?

Come on, America, give Karl a good kick in the rear this November.