Thursday, August 24, 2006


Liberals prepare draft platform in case of snap fall election. We are likely faced with minority governments for the foreseeable future. So it makes absolute sense to be flexible and ready to go with election calls. This is good strategy in any event. Send a message to Harper that he can't pass bunkum most Canadians don't want simply on the rationale that "no one wants an election." I'm happy to have an election in the fall or spring. How hard is it to go to your polling station and vote? We shouldn't be forced to accept a softwood lumber deal or some other deficient solution because the presumption is that Canadians are what, lazy, inattentive or unwilling to withstand another electoral campaign? Who christened this conventional wisdom as gospel, anyway?

Besides, I have faith in any number of Liberal leadership aspirants to run a solid campaign against Harper on short notice in any event. Dion and Rae stand out to me. Such electoral considerations kinda work in the favour of such candidates and against the federal newbies such as Ignatieff and Kennedy.