Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A very confused man - part 2

It looks like Bush knows he's f*%#ed up his presidency big time. You can sense it in his absolutely testy, aggressive manner. Brian Williams didn't really have to be so aggressive here with his questioning, Bush just hangs himself. Highlights of this one:

He "read 3 shakespeares."

He's got an "ecelectic" reading list...(or something like that!)

"The key for me is to keep expectations low." (wink) (no kidding)

"The great thing about the presidency is you're totally exposed...". Yes, we can see how exposed you are. This interview is quite helpful.

And, oh, he looks like he wants to deck Brian Williams throughout, at least by the end when Williams asks him if he's still not watching tv (i.e, he's still out of touch)...:)