Friday, January 19, 2007

A big shout out to Senator Pat Leahy today

You, sir, are right on. Watch the video above or check out the CBC video report which gives you a better flavour of Leahy's extended outrage.

Leahy blasted Attorney General Gonzales for the rendition of Canadian citizen Maher Arar to Syria (with which Arar holds dual citizenship) where Arar was tortured. Arar has been cleared of any suspicion by the Canadian government and the Canadian Minister in charge of the file says today that we have now seen the U.S. information on Arar...and Arar should be cleared.

Some of what Leahy said (from CP link above):
Leahy, who's from Vermont and has an extensive interest in Canadian issues, called rendition cases like Arar's - where a foreign terror suspect is sent to a third country to be tortured - a "black mark" on the country.

And he scoffed at the notion that American officials sought assurances from Syria that Arar wouldn't be tortured.

"We knew damn well, if he went to Canada, he wouldn't be tortured. He'd be held. He'd be investigated," said Leahy.

"We also knew damn well, if he went to Syria, he'd be tortured. And it's beneath the dignity of this country, a country that has always been a beacon of human rights."
"Canadians have been our closest allies . . . They're justifiably upset. They're wondering what's happened to us.

"I'm somewhat upset," Leahy noted.

Good for Leahy for publicly rebuking the useless, embarassing stonewaller Gonzales.