Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bush on 60 Minutes

Too bad Mike Wallace couldn't have done the interview...wouldn't you have loved to hear him ask W, "You're smiling, you're you think this is funny?" "Why do you continue to grin and smirk at me?" I can just hear it now. Oh well, so Scott Pelley is no Mike Wallace. He did ask some tough questions but Bush continues to be in his talking point fantasyland. What happens in the Middle East now will affect America's future. Basically, that's Bush's message. And he's right. Too bad he's mucked it up so badly by failing from the start to make sure that it would turn out well for America if it's so important to America's future. Not enough troops. Fatal in and of itself. So to sit there smilingly assuring people how important it this point, you've got to ask yourself, well then why doesn't he put in the number he needs to do the job? If it's that important, do what McCain suggests and make it 50,000 or more. Make it substantial. Yet Bush either won't do it or can't do it.

So it's more of the same for the foreseeable future. And Bush seems very contented with himself.