Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Canada's New Secret Government

Mini Bush makes a big show of his new MP Wajid Khan, he of the dual Canadian-Pakistani citizenship. Then the P.R. staff take over: "Khan's Mideast report to remain under wraps despite promise." Khan's travels to the mid-east and his resulting report, none of anybody's business thank you, except for the PM. Khan's not even being made available to the media now.

Sounds a little like the American presidency the past few years. Bush and Cheney adamantly refuse to publicly disclose advice given to them. They won't even say who they meet with. Recall the controversy over Cheney's energy task force and the refusal to disclose with whom they met to form administration energy policy. The American people aren't even entitled to see who visits the White House.

Still importing the worst of the Bush administration's secretive and anti-democratic tendencies...