Monday, January 15, 2007

Libby trial beginning Tuesday

Cheney getting warmed up:
In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Mr. Cheney called Mr. Libby “one of the finest individuals I’ve ever known.” Pressed about his former aide’s honesty, Mr. Cheney replied, “I believe he’s one of the more honest men I know.” (emphasis added)
Oh, really?
Mr. Libby told the grand jury and the Federal Bureau of Investigation that he had not disclosed information about Ms. Wilson to any journalists. But Judith Miller, then a reporter for The New York Times, and Matthew Cooper of Time magazine told the grand jury that Mr. Libby had indeed spoken to them about Ms. Wilson.

Mr. Libby also testified that he learned of Ms. Wilson’s identity from a third journalist, Tim Russert of NBC News, but Mr. Russert is expected to testify that that is false. Prosecutors have said that Mr. Libby learned of Ms. Wilson’s identity from administration officials including Mr. Cheney.