Monday, January 08, 2007

Mini Bush must have "misspoken"

"Green plan limited, PM warns":
"I think the preponderance of the evidence on [climate change] is clear, that it's a real long-term challenge, but what I've said is it can't be fixed overnight. This country is headed to be 50 per cent above its Kyoto target in 2012," Stephen Harper said on CTV's Question Period. "We can't tell the Canadian population to heat its homes one-third less of the time. So we've got a major challenge and we're going to get on with it."

Harper spokeswoman Sandra Buckler said the Prime Minister was extrapolating from the rate of rising emissions under the Liberals. She also wrote in an email that the government's position on Kyoto has not changed.

"The plain fact is the targets the Liberals set under Kyoto are unachievable," she wrote. "It's taken quite a while to get to where we are. The Prime Minister has said that there is no switch to instantly lower [greenhouse gases] and therefore, time will be needed to reverse the momentum that started under the Liberals and caused by their inaction."
Mini Bush speaks his truth, nothing's happening on the environment, despite all my cabinet fluorishes. Sandra Buckler to the rescue, blame the Liberals, blame the Liberals, blame the Liberals...the Conservatives repealed the Liberal efforts, criticizing them as insufficient. Well, they were trying, and had a public campaign going on the environment which is a heck of a lot more than people can say for the Conservatives...