Sunday, January 14, 2007

Righties a little touchy about Rice

Nice little piece of video showing a maelstrom on the McLaughlin Group. The righties have their panties in a bunch because Senator Boxer dared to raise the point that many American policy makers don't have family in Iraq doing the fighting. Senator Boxer said she personally would not pay a price, her children are too old and her grandchildren are too young. Boxer went too far, apparently, by saying that Rice didn't have any family there either. Bush doesn't have family there either, neither does Cheney. Would that have caused such an outrage had Boxer said it? It's amazing that Rice evokes such visceral defence, watch how Tony Blankley has a conniption over Boxer's comments. Why such hurt, Tony? It's fascinating.

And how about Pat Buchanan chiming in to support Eleanor Clift here. What a chameleon.

In any event, this is an interesting clip that shows an evolution in the political discussion since the election of the Democrats to control of congress...