Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Someone else noticed Bush's incessant smirking on 60 Minutes

Bob Cesca: Iraq Is Not Hilarious, Mr. President.

And elsewhere on the Huffington Post, came across this excerpt from the Bush interview which captures Bush's bizarre detached way of looking at things:
"I am blessed by an Almighty that comforts me and a wife that loves me and friends that are my buddies now, and they were my buddies before and they'll be my buddies after, and I've got a wonderful family....I feel exhilarated by the experience....There are moments of anxiety, and there are of course moments of anguish and sadness. But there's also moments of great exhilaration and enthusiasm. It's just a fascinating experience and I'm glad that I did it." (emphasis added)
It's good to be W, isn't it? Being President is just another job he's glad he did until he moves on to the next experience. Looking forward to the days out of office already, it seems. Happy to have someone else clean up his mess...