Sunday, January 07, 2007

Talking about nuking Iran

A frightening report in the Sunday Times today on Israeli plans to launch a nuclear strike on Iran: "Revealed: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran ."

Who benefits from the public discussion of such "plans?" Well, it could be someone who wants to throw the Israelis off balance by disclosing their plans...perhaps American military sources who have in the past leaked the prospect of the U.S. using tactical nukes against Iran in war planning to U.S. journalist Seymour Hersh. Someone in the intelligence community who simply doesn't believe the Israeli claims that Iran is very close to having nuclear weapons.

Or, perhaps the simplest explanation is that it's the Bush administration who benefits by firing a shot across the bow at Iran at this crucial moment. How many times have we heard that you don't solve Iraq without solving Iran? The Iraq Study Group raised the need to engage in diplomacy with Iran and Syria on Iraq. Consider this little news item Dick Cheney's form of diplomacy. Work with us to stabilize Iraq, or at least stay the f*#$ out, or you'll be experiencing certain dramatic consequences. This has that Cheney-esque-the-world-is-a-dark-evil-place feel all over it...