Saturday, January 27, 2007

Will Rove Testify?

Rove and Bartlett subpoenaed by Libby's team.

Lots of interesting stuff to come in this trial. Rove on a witness stand, under oath. My oh my.

Ari Fleischer, former spokesman for Bush, apparently was told by both Libby and Bartlett about Valerie Wilson's CIA employment in connection with their effort to discredit Joe Wilson, an Iraq war critic and thorn in their side. It suggests the possibility that Libby was not the initial scapegoat that the White House had in mind. Perhaps it was Fleischer instead. Let's let Fleischer in on some classified stuff by slipping him a juicy classified document while he's travelling, make him feel part of the gang, let Fleischer get the word out and let him suffer the repercussions from dealing in such classified territory. Let Ari be the first to get it out there, get reporters talking about it and then we'll just say, "we heard that too" as Rove did with Novak. As Libby tried to argue with Russert. Nice plan, but gone awry.

Fleischer wasn't one of the original Bush inner circle, so it would make sense that they would view him as expendable. And Fleischer apparently embarked down the road to disseminating the information. It's repeated here how Fleischer told NBC's David Gregory about Wilson's wife. The problem for the White House lies in Fleischer's immunity deal with Fitzgerald. Did Ari figure out he was being set up and get the heck out of dodge? Looks like it.

What's interesting is how, with Fleischer gone, Libby somehow became the guy with the target on his back and ended up indicted when Rove and Bartlett were involved as well. Rove's testimony, should he actually end up being called, will be among the highlights of this thing.