Monday, January 08, 2007

WSJ attacking Fitzgerald today

You'd expect more from the business paper of record, attacking a U.S. attorney like this, but their opinion standards don't match their business reporting. In any event, "Fitzgerald's Wild Source Chase" appears today, still perpetuating the notion that Scooter Libby, the Veep's Chief of Staff, did nothing wrong in allegedly lying about disclosing an undercover CIA agent's identity. They're puzzled about why Libby would have lied.

To cover up the hit operation on Plame that was run out of the White House? Hello? The hit operation meant to make an example out of Plame to her fellow CIA colleagues, that this is what will happen to you if you are in any way connected with the public airing of the truth about the administration's flimsy case for going to war. Fitzgerald stood up to the White House and said no, the U.S. government doesn't expose its agents like this for political purposes and then get off without consequences. Pesky but courageous little gadfly that Fitzgerald is.

By the way, I would welcome the public disclosure of the redacted part of Judge Tatel's opinion. It convinced the Judge that people needed to be jailed for contempt purposes. So I take it there's something significant in it. So following on...whether it will be unsealed, then, who knows. For if it truly contains damaging information regarding the results of the Plame outing, for example, it may remain under seal.

A timely reminder that the right wing media's still supporting this crowd as the Libby trial approaches.