Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Always the follower

Do I really need to say anything? Here:
The Harper government has quietly provided a high-level boost to Taiwan's campaign for a role in the World Health Organization in a move that some experts say will place another burr under its relationship with China.

In May, Health Minister Tony Clement spoke in favour of allowing Taiwan to take part in meaningful technical meetings of the WHO, of which it is not a member. China opposes such membership, as well as giving Taiwan observer status at the World Health Authority, which is the WHO's supreme decision-making body.

While the Canadian move is less than the full support for the WHO membership Taiwan seeks, Taiwanese officials say the remarks are significant because they come from a cabinet minister.

Canada has joined Japan and the United States as chief sympathizers for Taiwan's increased participation in the WHO, although the latter two countries support full membership. "This is definitely a very positive sign," said David Ta-Wei Lee, Taiwan's representative to Canada.
Once more with gusto...we call him Mini Bush for good reason here at the Impolitical blog...:)