Sunday, August 12, 2007

And the military obsession continues...

I see the military is all agog and gushing over the delivery of the latest military toys, namely the giant C-17 cargo planes that will be used in Afghanistan.
The pilot who will lead the C-17 crews said the arrival of the new plane is a big step for the Canadian Forces.

"This is an absolute paradigm shift for us. We've never had this capability before," said Maj. Jeremy Reynolds.
Yes, a paradigm shift where Canadian resources are used to increasingly militarize our country. Watch the beast fly at an air show in B.C. yesterday, here.
At a cost of roughly $900 million, the 53-metre-long planes are capable of carrying 78,000 kilograms and can airdrop 102 paratroopers and their equipment.
Reminder, Toronto's budget shortfall is in the range of $587 million. Compare:
The deal was part of a larger $13-billion announcement by the Conservatives to add dozens of aircraft to the military, including medium-lift C-130Js, known as Hercules, and CH-47 Chinook battlefield transport helicopters.
But at least we have shiny new giant cargo airplanes...