Monday, August 06, 2007

Cities getting the shaft

The Mayor of Minneapolis speaks out on the bridge collapse in his city, stating that Americans should be outraged that this happened in a major American city. Sing it, Mr. Mayor. Listen for this at approx. the 5:45 mark. Evidences the frustration of being the mayor of a major city who has been banging the drum on infrastructure concerns.

And a propos of that concern...there's an article in the Star today, "City running on almost-empty," about Toronto's current budget situation, the effects of downloading on to the city and setting out some of the choices that need to be made - service cuts or increases in property taxes. The article doesn't get into the political views of the provincial parties but it seems clear that more attention needs to be devoted to the needs of cities in Canada and that this needs to be a major issue in the coming Ontario election campaign. It's inexcusable that both the province and the federal government are in budgetary surplus positions yet Toronto is facing budgetary shortfalls. Citizens in Toronto should be outraged as well.