Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Dual citizenship an asset not a liability

The intolerant, narrow parochialism on citizenship issues we have heard from some Conservative figures in Canada needs to be put to rest:
The notion that Canadians who hold more than one nationality lack loyalty to Canada amounts to "unfounded hyperbole," says an internal government document that casts doubt on recent calls to revamp multiple citizenship rules.

Some critics questioned the wisdom of permitting dual nationality after Ottawa spent tens of millions of dollars to help about 15,000 Lebanese-Canadians flee war-ravaged Lebanon in July last year.

The internal paper says the public discussion has been framed "in terms that pre-judge the value of Canada's multiple citizenship policy" and which characterize Canadians living abroad, as well as those who have returned, "as a liability to Canada."

"Many of these claims are not based on evidence and are difficult to measure."
Interesting...and I'm sure it will inform future discussions of politicians who hold such dual citizenship, right?