Monday, August 20, 2007

It's about time

McGuinty's weighing in more substantially now on promising to upload some costs from the cities back to the province. Righting the ship, to an extent - as his promise only covers two programmes - back to pre-Mike Harris days. Toronto's budget woes are undoubtedly propelling this issue onto the front burner in the campaign, just as City Council hoped it would when it held off on passing Miller's tax increases. Good. McGuinty's announcement, however, comes in conjunction with polls indicating he's in minority territory. Has a tinge of desperation to it. That is, what took him so long?

The NDP, by contrast, are more fully committed to uploading the social services back to the province while John Tory is being suspiciously non-committal. Tory's expressing regret over Harris' decision but not committing to fixing the mess until after a municipal-provincial report is complete. That's a losing position, John John. The others are setting out their stances, what's your deal? Makes people wonder.

The leaders are speaking next week at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference in Ottawa. The issue's only going to grow in prominence in this'll be a big factor in many voters eyes, watch and see.