Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Late live-blogging of the re-run Democratic AFL-CIO debate

Semi-live blogging, that is. Just a few thoughts on the event this evening.

There is a dynamic developing here where Hillary is the presidential presumptive nominee and the rest are running for Veep. They're trying, but it's just a palpable perception coming off the screen. Chris Dodd is looking good among the current bunch for the Veep slot right now, he's taken on O'Reilly in a high profile confrontation lately that's stood him well and really sounding solid. My hunch to date has been that Wes Clark's the front runner for that role, for his intelligence and military background and he's likely still a good bet. He's from Arkansas as well, likely a long time Clintonite.

Barack Obama's "President of Canada" phrasing...gaffe or just telling it like it is? (We call him Mini Bush for good reason here at the Impolitical blog, don't ya know...:))

That elderly man who stood and told of losing his job, his pension and not being able to afford health care for his wife now after a life time of working had to be the most heartfelt moment of any of these debates I've witnessed thus far...

Can anyone imagine the Republicans standing up in front of a similarly raucous AFL-CIO crowd? Would love to see that show.

Joe Biden continues to entertain here and there, again with his one word answer at the end in the "lightning" round with 20 seconds to spare...:) It works for him, great joke. He's one of the Impolitical husband's faves.

Barack Obama's halting answers at times belie his inexperience and fumbling for answers. I feel uncomfortable watching it at times. It came through in his response on NAFTA, less on the "big ticket" items like Iraq. He also appears diminished when getting into the nitty gritty with his peers on stage. When he's fighting Dodd and Biden, I don't find it a favourable comparator for him. The commentators following the debate who declared Obama the winner? I do not get it at all. I do get the dynamism, the appeal, the newness...but he doesn't appear to be ready.

Hillary's a star and these guys can't touch her.

And finally, Keith Olbermann continues to shine. What a professional, literate, efficient broadcaster. Big fan, as usual. Well, done KO!