Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mini Bush goes a barbecuin'

And it ain't pretty...:)

This vile little barbecue speech offered up by Harper last night is exactly the kind of thing that has them languishing in the polls, unable to motivate the country to support them for a majority government:
Harper accused his Liberal opponents of blocking the Conservative agenda in Parliament, and of having skewed priorities for the country.

He said the allegations of abuse made by Taliban prisoners handed over by Canadians to Afghan authorities "are their priority for our country." Harper contrasted that with "the Conservative priority" of boosting the military's budget and being "not ashamed of our proud military heritage."
If standing up for the Geneva Conventions and the rule of law are "their priority for our country," I'm with "them" all the way...:)

Contrast that with a skyrocketing military budget and a straw man argument suggesting that Canadians and/or the opposition are "ashamed of our proud military heritage" and Mini Bush is shooting himself in the foot once again...playing the divider with his "us versus them" shtick and once again suggesting that Liberals are unpatriotic. I mean, it's the spring parliamentary session all over again...

By the way, is this really the kind of thing people want to hear at a barbecue? Just sayin...:)