Monday, August 06, 2007

Sources dishing on Mini Bush's plans once again

My oh my, that vaunted majority government is a bugger to pin down without Quebec, isn't it? Today we see another reminder of the Conservative electoral strategy in action. Because Mini Bush is likely on the verge of demonstrating once more just how far his government will go to buy some votes in la belle province. Seems the Conservatives are struggling mightily to ensure Quebec gets a high percentage of the "regional benefits" about to be doled out under a massive Boeing contract - despite their protestations that they are doing nothing of the sort:
The Harper government is delaying the announcement of regional benefits flowing from the $3.4-billion purchase of C17 cargo planes because of concerns over the lack of contracts going to Quebec, government and industry sources said.

“Boeing would be ready to go with a series of supplier announcements,” a source said, adding the announcements are delayed because all of the planned contracts in Quebec “are not in place yet.”
The situation has been creating headaches for the Harper government because of an intense lobbying campaign in Quebec. The province houses more than half of the country's aerospace industry, and expects a similar share of the regional benefits from the purchase of the C17s and other coming pieces of military hardware.

Boeing, however, has pre-existing relationships with a number of companies outside of Quebec and, for business reasons, does not want to send massive contracts to some of its big competitors in Quebec.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper put his foot down earlier this year and stated that Boeing can decide where to send its benefits.

“This government and our ministers have no intention of interfering in the regional distribution of the contracts,” Mr. Harper told reporters in January. “It depends on the company that has the contract and its relations with other industry players.”

Sources say that despite Mr. Harper's statement, the Quebec issue continues to hound the announcement of the regional benefits. Before the government officially announces the regional distribution of the benefits, sources said that Boeing has been pushed to finalize more contracts in Quebec to increase the province's share.
Oh you delightful "sources," how I do love your moxie.

Now call me crazy...but it kinda sounds like Steve is sayin' one thing and doing another. That's the kind of thing that's characterized his "administration" thus far. Ask Danny Williams and the income trust investors for starters.

Looks like Deceivin' Steven is showing his colours once again...:)