Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The Conservative drones have been issued their talking points. Picking up from the metaphor of the "North Star" in the throne speech, the foot soldiers are being told to use the term in their communications with media. Because we all know they can't be trusted to speak on their own by using the sheer power of their own brains.
In a new bid to foster national pride and confidence in its leadership, the Stephen Harper government is urging Canadians to look up, look way up.

As the Conservatives search for a more inspirational way to deliver their message and replace the worn-out catchphrase "Canada's New Government," the lobbyists and strategists who deliver the government line were told after last week's Throne Speech to make use of a reference to the North Star that showed up toward the end of the speech.

"To help you effectively communicate with your local media, as well as your constituents, we have included general messaging on the Speech from the Throne," says a PMO memo obtained by The Globe and Mail.

Among the elements of the Throne Speech that the memo urges them to highlight, the first is this lyrical passage: "Like the North Star, Canada has been a guide to other nations..."

"Through difficult times," the passage continues, "Canada has shone as an example of what a people joined in common purpose can achieve. Yet Canada's greatest strength lies in its energy and determination to move forward and build a better future."

The memo does not say specifically how the strategists should use the reference to the celestial light that explorers used as their guidepost to discover the nation.
I have a few thoughts on this. First off, the use of inspirational metaphors just doesn't jive with these politically opportunistic turkeys. They're usually reaching for the lowest common denominator, not the stars. The severe partisanship on display by the likes of Lawyer van Loan in the House of Commons doesn't inspire anyone. It makes people run for the hills. So the misguided effort to get the Conservative wonder boys to speak of the stars just doesn't compute. Can you say yawning chasm in the inspirational gap? I can.

Secondly, if you have to provide talking points to your people and feed them lines on how to be inspirational...not gonna happen. You can't force this stuff.

And last but not least...gee...why on earth would our PM be so big on celestial bodies? Could it have anything to do with the influence of a certain spiritually inclined personal dresser...? Heh heh...:)