Friday, November 23, 2007

Good riddance to dinosaur John Howard

It's Friday afternoon in Australia and the last day before Saturday's general election. And it certainly looks like the 11 year tenure of Bush ally and climate change denier Prime Minister John Howard is just about over. A humorous anecdote from the report:
"I believe the coalition can win this election," Howard told Australian radio. "I believe that there is a bit of a tide coming back. I sense it in the streets."

During a final campaign day walk in the tropical city of Cairns 24 hours before the start of voting, Howard was heckled by protesters and told to "have a happy retirement".
His Labour opponent, Kevin Rudd, who has promised to sign Kyoto and take their troops out of Iraq is ahead in the polls. And Howard's got a mini-scandal on his hands in the last few days - a phony pamphlet handed out by his party supporters suggesting his Labour opponents would be soft on Islamic terrorists. Ring a bell? The favourite fear tactic of right wingers worldwide these days.

Howard's made one last appeal not to change. But we all know there's little to be done when it's a "change" election. The political consultant who can figure out how to undo that dynamic will be worth their weight in gold. Until then, it's likely bedtime for Howard, a kindred spirit of one Stephen Harper on the world stage.