Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Harper campaigning in the West, handing out money in Quebec

The perpetual Conservative election campaign is on. The economic update with its tax cuts last week was a central showpiece. And the plethora of events Harper has had scheduled this fall across this country continue as he's now out west continuing to give his campaign style speeches that he has been giving across the country. Oh, and what's this? A few Quebec companies seem to be getting funding this week, as well. And the media are even invited to share in the big news.

Gee, you'd almost think someone had an election campaign all mapped out and ready to go for this fall and heck, is still executing it anyway...too bad for Harpie and the gang that they didn't get their wish.
In Castlegar, Harper put out the call for more Tory blue in B.C., even getting a bit ahead of himself in asking voters to support their local Tory candidate at the polls "next year."

He quickly corrected himself to say "next time."
Yes, maybe "next time," Harpie. Somebody might want to tell him to calm his self down...and maybe be trying to get some work done instead of the photo ops, campaigning and funding announcements. You'd think the government simply existed to serve the Conservative party's political needs.