Monday, November 12, 2007

Let's not get too slap happy over this one

Sun Media roars:
The startling SES-Sun Media survey shows Harper has steamrolled ahead as the choice for “best PM” of 37% of Canadians, while Dion plunged to third place as the pick of just 13% of Canadians. Layton garnered 17% support across the country.
No, this is not good news for Dion. When you've had negative attack ads run at you at an unprecedented level and without adequate response, this is hardly surprising. The Liberals need to get their butts in gear and meet this stuff head on.

And let's recall, for the umpteenth time, what percentage did the Conservatives receive in the last election? 36%. So Harper's at 37? I can certainly see how this can be categorized as "steamrolling" the opposition...not.

These numbers are not particularly good for anyone cited in the poll.