Sunday, November 25, 2007

"Our position is the strong position"

The picture of choice from the Commonwealth meetings of our PM in action, as chosen by both the Globe, front page, and the Star, accompanying its report on the outcome of the environmental discussions there.

He's clearly not bothered in the least by the outcome and appears quite relaxed and contented with the results. Some might even say he has a slothful look to him. Good eye on this photographer. It really is true what they say about a picture, isn't it.

As a follow up from my post yesterday on the subject, it has occurred to me that they may be setting up the Bali meetings, along with the Americans, to push nations to agree to binding targets, albeit much lower ones and likely significantly lower ones than Kyoto. Harper and Baird may be planning to push the world toward mediocrity on global warming by defining downwards the binding targets. And of course, spinning it as a breakthrough on the world stage demonstrating the tremendous "leadership" of Harper. We shall see. But yesterday is certainly not the end of the story.