Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rove investigator under investigation instigated by White House

This is a shocker. The guy investigating Rove's politicization of non-partisan government offices and functions has come under investigation, at the instigation of the White House. Likely because Karl Rove's fanny must be protected at all costs. We witnessed as much during the Fitzgerald investigation into the outing of Valerie Wilson as the White House and Bush stonewalled and steered the public away from Rove by publicly denying he was "involved." This investigation into Bloch could be more of the same. It certainly appears to be suspicious.
The head of the federal agency investigating Karl Rove's White House political operation is facing allegations that he improperly deleted computer files during another probe, using a private computer-help company, Geeks on Call.

Scott Bloch runs the Office of Special Counsel, an agency charged with protecting government whistleblowers and enforcing a ban on federal employees engaging in partisan political activity. Mr. Bloch's agency is looking into whether Mr. Rove and other White House officials used government agencies to help re-elect Republicans in 2006.

At the same time, Mr. Bloch has himself been under investigation since 2005. At the direction of the White House, the federal Office of Personnel Management's inspector general is looking into claims that Mr. Bloch improperly retaliated against employees and dismissed whistleblower cases without adequate examination.
Mr. Bloch said no documents relevant to any investigation were affected. He also says the employee claims against him are unwarranted. Mr. Bloch believes the White House may have a conflict of interest in pressing the inquiry into his conduct while his office investigates the White House political operation. Concerned about possible damage to his reputation, he cites a Washington saying, "You're innocent until investigated."

Clay Johnson, the White House official overseeing the Office of Personnel Management's inquiry into Mr. Bloch, declined to comment. Depending on circumstances, erasing files or destroying evidence in a federal investigation can be considered obstruction of justice.
That's Clay Johnson, long time Bush friend:
He was a classmate of President George W. Bush at Phillips Academy, roommate and Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity brother at Yale University, where he helped pull down the goalposts after a Princeton game, and received his B.A.
I'm sure this return investigation of Bloch is all on the up and up, right? This is the garbage the Bush White House has specialized in. The White House will protest that its pursuit of Bloch is eminently justified. Yet it's just as likely, based on their track record, that it's one more in a long line of outrageous abuses of power that are pressed to the uber limit until someone stops them. Few have thus far, so they keep going and going and going. Hope Scott Bloch is made of some pretty stern stuff.

Meanwhile, Rove's become a celebrity columnist and life couldn't be grander for the rotund fellow with ruined lives in his wake...