Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tear down this wall, Mr. Greenspon

Looks like there's a worthwhile editorial in the Globe today on the veiled voting brouhaha. Too bad we can't read it since the Globe insists on maintaining its asinine walled-off editorial content. The New York Times drained their moat and let the drawbridge down. When will the Globe follow suit? What we can read, from "The Phantom Irritant" :
From the moment Prime Minister Stephen Harper ignited it in September, the debate over veiled voters has been a brazenly hypocritical and disingenuous one. The notion that Muslim women unwilling to show their faces pose a threat to Canadian democracy ignores the fact that visual identification is not required to vote in this country if voters provide two pieces of non-photo ID. Tens of thousands of Canadians living abroad are not forced to meet even that standard, and are allowed to vote with mail-in ballots rather than being required to visit a polling station. The debate also addresses an apparently non-existent phenomenon, since there has been no documented evidence of women refusing to remove their burkas or niqabs while voting.
Hiding material behind content walls means the Globe is not part of the online discussion and that's unfortunate. Lots of good material is being missed. We subscribe but due to whom we subscribe from, we're not entitled to access it online. It's truly bizarre.