Thursday, November 22, 2007

The wisdom of Jean Chretien

There's a worthwhile CP report this afternoon canvassing Chretien's views on a number of current issues as he continues on with his book tour. My personal fave, on the topic of Senate reform:
Chretien was downright dismissive of Harper's threat to abolish the Senate if he can't win parliamentary support for his attempts to reform the unelected upper chamber.

"I think it is a waste of time to talk about it," he said, maintaining that the approval of at least seven provinces is required to change or do away with the Senate. He predicted that five - Quebec and the four Atlantic provinces - will never agree.

He suggested Harper is simply pandering to his base in Alberta, where the idea of an elected, effective Senate with equal representation for each province is popular.

"They never looked at how you could do it. You know, I'd like to go to the moon but I cannot go with a Piper plane. You have to be realist."
Hilarious. And just distills the lunacy of this sudden disorganized supposed plan for Senate reform to its core.

Other comments of note include his disapproval of the Harper clampdown on veiled voting and criticism of the intolerant views coming out of the Bouchard-Taylor commission hearings in Quebec. Worth a look this early evening.