Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Karl Rove gets some comeuppance

So sad:
When 17-year-old Alessio Manti heard that Karl Rove, the former chief political adviser to President Bush, would be delivering the commencement address this spring to his class at Choate Rosemary Hall — the elite boarding school that produced such liberal giants as John F. Kennedy and Adlai Stevenson — he was shocked.

“I thought it was a joke,” Mr. Manti said. “Commencement is not the place for him.”

He was not alone. Although Mr. Rove played a major role in helping President Bush capture two terms in the White House, he could not gain the support of the senior class here. With students threatening to walk out on graduation, the school announced on Monday that Mr. Rove would not speak at commencement.
And here I was, all geared up for another Andy Card moment...:)

Good for the Choate students for standing up to the choice and defeating it:
At a meeting last week, a clear majority of the graduating class of about 230 said it opposed Mr. Rove’s invitation, students who were at the meeting said.

In an editorial titled “Rove in ’08: We Think Not,” the campus newspaper, The News, urged the school to withdraw the invitation.
I suspect that such incidents will be the fate for many of the Bush administration alumni who have yet to grasp the level of contempt for them and what they did to their nation over the Bush years. This is the least of what should happen to Mr. Rove.