Friday, February 29, 2008

The holy roller set crowing over the Harper government film censorship plans

This is the kind of stuff that you can't keep a lid on forever. Sandra Buckler's worst nightmare. Well, one of them. The other is exploding all over the news these days in the form of the Cadman allegations. Here's the kicker today:
A well-known evangelical crusader is claiming credit for the federal government's move to deny tax credits to TV and film productions that contain graphic sex and violence or other offensive content.

Charles McVety, president of the Canada Family Action Coalition, said his lobbying efforts included discussions with Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day and Justice Minister Rob Nicholson, and "numerous" meetings with officials in the Prime Minister's Office.

"We're thankful that someone's finally listening," he said yesterday. "It's fitting with conservative values, and I think that's why Canadians voted for a Conservative government."

Mr. McVety said films promoting homosexuality, graphic sex or violence should not receive tax dollars, and backbench Conservative MPs and cabinet ministers support his campaign.

"There are a number of Conservative backbench members that do a lot of this work behind the scenes," he said.
Too bad this McVety guy isn't an MP that they can stifle into silence, hey? Lettin' the cat out of the bag like this is a bit of a problem for the message control freaks up there that he's dealing with. But thank you, sir, for your candour. Agenda exposed. Please don't hesitate to alert the Canadian public to all of your successful work with the Conservative government from here on out.

And hey, don't you just love hearing that term "conservative values?"
My word...:)